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Strong together: The teamgeist group consists of independent regional companies under the umbrella of teamgeist AG. 

Here you will find the respective general terms and conditions of the various teamgeist companies:



Note on dispute resolution procedures:

The teamgeist regional companies do not participate in a dispute resolution procedure before a consumer arbitration board and are not obliged to do so.  


General Terms and Conditions of Teamgeist AG  

Dear Customer, 

We thank you for your interest in the offers of Teamgeist AG. We are pleased that you have chosen one of our offers. The general terms and conditions exist to safeguard the mutual interests of the contractual partners. Please read them carefully before ordering. If you have any questions or are unclear, please contact us. In the following, the term "customer" is used for "customer".  


§ 1- Scope 

The general terms and conditions of Teamgeist AG apply to the sales contracts that are based on  be completed. 

The general terms and conditions of Teamgeist AG apply both to consumers and to entrepreneurs, unless a differentiation is made in the respective clause.


§ 2 - Contract bases 

With the registration, which can be made verbally, in writing, by fax or e-mail, the customer offers Teamgeist AG the conclusion of a contract on the basis of the corresponding event advertisement or the offer received and all additional information in the booking documents and these General Terms and Conditions at. 

The contract comes with the  placed order.  

§ 3 - Obligation to perform 

The performance obligation of Teamgeist AG results exclusively from the content of the order confirmation, subject to all the information and explanations contained therein. 

Brochure information has no contractual effect. 

Subsidiary agreements with our employees that change or expand the scope of our contractual services require our written confirmation to be effective.  

§ 4 - Method and terms of payment 

1. Payment is made using PayPal during the ordering process  or by bank transfer to the account: 

Central Brandenburg Savings Bank (MBS) 

Team spirit AG 

IBAN: DE57 1605 0000 1000 7559 98 


2. The customer is in default of payment at the latest if he does not pay within 30 days after the due date and receipt of an invoice or equivalent payment schedule. Teamgeist AG is entitled to charge a default interest rate of 8 percentage points above the base rate for customers who are not consumers. Otherwise, a default interest rate of 5 percentage points above the base rate applies. 

For each reminder after default, Teamgeist AG can demand a reimbursement of 3 €.  

§ 5 – Price and service changes 

1. Changes and deviations from the agreed contract content, which become necessary after the conclusion of the contract and which are not brought about by Teamgeist AG contrary to good faith, are only permitted if the changes or deviations are not significant and do not result in a significant change in the contractual service lead and do not affect the overall layout of the booking. 

2. Any warranty claims remain unaffected insofar as the changed services are defective.  

§ 6 - Termination without notice by Teamgeist AG 

If the customer persistently disrupts the implementation of the measure/event despite a warning from Teamgeist AG or if he behaves in breach of contract to such an extent that the immediate termination of the contract is justified, Teamgeist AG can terminate the contract with immediate effect. If Teamgeist AG cancels, it retains the right to the full service price; the customer bears any additional costs for return transport. However, Teamgeist AG must allow the value of the saved expenses and those advantages to be offset against it, which it derives from other uses of the service unused service, including the amounts reimbursed by the service providers.  

§ 7 – Termination due to Extraordinary Circumstances 

If the event/measure is made significantly more difficult, endangered or impaired as a result of circumstances that were unforeseeable when the contract was concluded, such as force majeure, both the customer and Teamgeist AG can terminate the contract. If the contract is terminated, Teamgeist AG can demand an appropriate expense allowance for the services already rendered.  

§ 8 - Warranty 

If the service is not provided in accordance with the contract, the customer is obligated to first demand remedy by setting a deadline. Teamgeist AG can refuse the remedy if it requires a disproportionate effort. 

Teamgeist AG can also remedy the situation by providing an equivalent replacement service. 

For the duration of a non-contractual provision of the service, the customer can demand a reasonable reduction in price (reduction). The claim for reduction does not apply if the customer culpably fails to report the defect.  

Section 9 – Limitation of Liability 

Teamgeist AG's liability for contractual breaches of duty and tort is limited to intent and gross negligence. This does not apply in the case of injury to life, limb or health of the customer or participants, in the case of claims due to the breach of cardinal obligations or essential contractual obligations, such as the implementation of the event or the event itself, and in the event of compensation for damage caused by delay (§ 286 BGB). The aforementioned exclusion of liability also applies to slightly negligent breaches of duty by vicarious agents of Teamgeist AG. Teamgeist AG is not liable for disruptions in performance in connection with services that are only mediated as third-party services and that are expressly marked as third-party services in the specific service description. If legal regulations apply to a service to be provided by the service provider, according to which a claim for damages can only be asserted under certain conditions or restrictions or is completely excluded, Teamgeist AG can invoke this towards the customer.  

§ 10 – Obligation to cooperate 

The customer is obliged to cooperate in the event of disruptions to performance within the framework of the statutory provisions in order to avoid or minimize any damage. In particular, he is obliged to report his complaints to Teamgeist AG immediately.  

§ 11 – Exclusion of Claims 

The customer must assert claims for non-contractual performance against Teamgeist AG no later than one month after the contractual end of the service. After the deadline, the customer can only assert claims if he was prevented from meeting the deadline through no fault of his own.  

Section 12 - Copyright 

The game idea, design, implementation and other materials are subject to copyright. They may only be used personally by the participants. Reproduction, processing, forwarding and distribution require the approval of Teamgeist AG. The same applies to content that is made accessible to participants electronically.


Article 13 - Pictures 

If Teamgeist AG takes photos (pictures or snapshots) during the event at the request and on behalf of the customer, participants will also be shown in the photos. Teamgeist AG makes the photos available to the customer after the. The customer bears sole responsibility for ensuring that all participants in the event agree to the taking of the photos in accordance with the provisions of the GDPR or that each participant has given their consent to the taking and concrete provision of the photos. The customer is solely responsible for ensuring that the further use and use of the photos is in accordance with these consents. Upon request, the customer will provide Teamgeist AG with proof of this consent. If a participant objects to the taking of the photos or the making them available, Teamgeist AG will immediately stop taking the photos or stop making them available or delete the photos immediately. The customer must release Teamgeist AG from any disadvantages.  

§ 14 - Special features of remote events

1. The customer bears sole responsibility for all remote events, or events and services in which the customer is offered online services in which the customer or other persons join together via software for video and/or telephone meetings that the data protection of all persons involved of the customer is protected to the required extent and that all persons involved are informed in advance about any necessary data protection aspects.

  2. No participant is obliged to tolerate photo, video or audio recordings of himself in such meetings and the customer must point out that, in particular by switching off the microphone and/or camera functions of the computer used, his corresponding personal rights are protected. All participants must also be informed that they are not allowed to make any image, video or audio recordings of the remote events themselves.

  3. In this context, Teamgeist AG will only process and, in particular, store such data from remote events and only for as long as this is necessary for the proper fulfillment of the order or is required by law. Teamgeist Nord GmbH will only make image, video or audio recordings if each person concerned expressly gives their consent to this and to the stated purpose. 

4. The customer is advised that the successful implementation of remote events depends on the software used for this on the one hand and on the other hand a sufficient connection of the participants via the Internet being available. Insofar as Teamgeist AG has no influence on this or the software and the Internet connection are provided by the customer or third parties, Teamgeist AG cannot be held liable for any malfunctions. In particular, Teamgeist AG cannot be held liable in this respect; the existing liability risk is borne solely by the customer.     


§ 15 - Final Provisions 

The customer can only sue Teamgeist AG at their registered office. The place of residence of the customer is decisive for Teamgeist AG's lawsuits against the customer, unless the lawsuit is directed against registered traders, legal entities under public or private law or persons who have their place of residence or habitual abode abroad, or whose place of residence or habitual residence is not known at the time the action is filed. In these cases, the seat of Teamgeist AG is decisive (place of jurisdiction: Augsburg). German law applies exclusively to the entire legal and contractual relationship between Teamgeist AG and the customer. 

The invalidity of individual provisions of the contract does not result in the invalidity of the entire contract. The contracting parties will replace the invalid clause with another that is appropriate for both parties. 

Heidesee, April 17, 2020  


Right of cancellation and cancellation policy for consumers  

If you as a customer are a consumer and therefore not an entrepreneur within the meaning of §§ 13, 14 BGB, you are entitled to the following right of withdrawal. A consumer is any natural person who concludes a legal transaction for a purpose that cannot be attributed to their commercial or independent professional activity. 

An exception is the online purchase of digital goods. The right of cancellation according to § 356 paragraph 5 BGB expires in this exception if the provider has started the execution of the contract after the consumer has fulfilled two points:  

  • has expressly consented to the entrepreneur starting to perform the agreement before the end of the cooling-off period, and 

  • has confirmed his knowledge that he loses his right of revocation through his consent at the beginning of the execution of the contract. 

The products offered by Teamgeist AG  are digital goods and the customer has agreed to the purchase that he loses the right of withdrawal.  

Heidesee, December 3, 2020 

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