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Moving your office into the virtual world has never been easier. Use  meet.teamgeist  to:

  ✓  Customize the look and feel of your virtual office to match your brand 

  ✓  Help employees to interact with others 

  ✓  Every employee can have his/her own virtual office 

  ✓  Create of team rooms for every department for interactive collaboration 

  ✓  Conversations and social interactions are easily possible 

  ✓  Hold workshops and meetings conveniently in the virtual office 

  ✓  Share important information via live stream on the main stage 

The benefits of your virtual office

"One Team"

Your team may be spread all over the world, but with our innovative virtual office you can still be united as a team on one platform.


Every employee can set up their own virtual office. The virtual coffee corner will be implemented so easily.

Unique communication

Communicate with your co-workers via broadcast lists, the global chat or individual breakout sessions.

Modernity & Innovation

Prove your innovative strength and present yourself as digitally affine. This is how you can stand out in an competitive market.

Unlimited Spaces

Each employee can create their own office space, as well as team and department rooms. The coffee corner should not be missing either

Individual design

We adapt our platform on your behalf which includes your corporate design


With more than 100 tools we can adjust our platform just the way you need it- Interaction with your co-workers will be as never before

The most important features

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