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Seminars focus on the exchange of knowledge between experts and participants. On the other hand, in workshops the speakers or hosts spend more time with the participants to interact on a personal level.  meet.teamgeist  specializes in such an event format and will be happy to support with:  

✓  professional transmission of speakers and panel discussions on the main stage 

✓  Choose between several networking tools that can be embeded in your event

✓  Make use of several breakout rooms for debates and exchanges 

✓  Increase engagement with surveys and Q&A sessions

✓  conceptual support from our Customer Success Managers to ensure the best experience for your participants 

The benefits of your virtual seminars and workshops

Structure & order

At a seminar, there can be many people who would like to speak up at the same time. You have the option to mute them or they can raise their hands. The agenda provides even more structure on top.

Independence from any premises

At a virtual event, physical distancing does no longer play a role. Get in touch with employees, customers and other stakeholders, no matter where the individual is located

Unique communication

Communicate with your participants via broadcast lists, a global chat or individual breakout sessions. We would also be happy to provide you with a unique networking area

Modernity & Innovation

Prove your innovative strength and present yourself as digitally affine. This is how you can stand the competitive market.

Live support

We are happy to support you with the planning, but even more necessary: we will be there for you during the live event with a support chat

Individual design

We adjust our platform on your behalf, which includes your corporate design


We are able to integrate more than >100 tools on our platform

The most important features

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