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Darstellung Personen, die Spaß haben

Get in touch with your colleagues!

We are aware of the fact that one thing gets lost in the virtual world - spontaneous networking. Because of our goal-oriented networking area this issue is no longer any kind of a problem. We enable you to communicate in small groups with other participants in our unique networking space. Participants can exchange innovative ideas, whether privately or professionally - and all from the comfort of their own homes.

Darstellung individuelle Designmöglichkeiten

Your individual design matters!

The appearance of corporate design plays a very important part of events. Therefore, your logo, brand colors and everything else that you value, should be a part of your virtual event. We adapt our platform according to your wishes in order that you can present a corporate image to your audience. This results in an identification of your participants with your company from the very beginning of your event. Not only can your corporate design be displayed on our platform, but we can also create themed worlds for you, such as a virtual Christmas market or a summer party.

Discover the most important features of our platform

Darstellung der Tools auf meet.teamgeist

Individual integration of your favorite tools!

We love our habits and you should not forego without them! Your company's favorite tool can be easily integrated into the virtual event platform. You can work together on your virtual whiteboard, interactively involve your participants in Mentimenter surveys and display the results of an effective work session. 

Having fun & becoming one team!

Your virtual event can have very different backgrounds. Therefore, you can inform your employees about the most important innovations for the new fiscal year, or you would like to grow closer together as a team. No matter what the occasion is, you have the opportunity to use all of the interaction tools, such as our virtual photo box, the integration of teamgeist events, our karaoke bar or live acts, such as a pianist. 

Laptop Grafik mit Smiley und Daumen hoch
Your satisfaction is our top priority: We want to give you and your participants the best event experience possible. Therefore, we have implemented new features and have reached new standards for our platform. At this point we have created a platform that not only results in enthusiasm among our customers, but also among our own employees.
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