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The benefits of your virtual conference or meeting at a glance 


Do something good for the environment by not traveling long distances. In addition the content, such as presentations, can be made available for the participants even after the event

Unlimited participants

Because of our modern technology, you have the possibility to host the event for almost any number of participants 

Act independent from any locations 

At a virtual event, physical distancing does not play a role. Get in touch with employees, customers and other stakeholders, no matter where the individual is located at

Modernity & Innovation

Prove your innovative strength and present yourself as digitally affine according to the times. This is how you can stand out from the competition.


Communicate with your participants via broadcast lists, global chat or individual breakouts sessions


Experience your next brainstorming or working session in real time and benefit from the ideas as a company


We display your agenda on our platform before and during the event - this gives your conference the necessary structure 

The most important features

Virtual conferences and meetings

At a conference or meeting, several people with a common interest meet for one or several days in a row. Important discussions of ideas and an exchange of experiences between the participants take place.  meet.teamgeist is a suitable digital platform to host a virtual conference because of the following:  

✓ Use the main stage for the intro and closing of your event (or whenever you would like to use it) 

✓ Create rooms for breakout sessions 

✓ Integrate tools, such as a whiteboard for team collaborations 

✓ Increase participant interaction with polls and broadcast messages 

✓ The platform is adjustable to your corporate design

✓ Secure conceptual support from our customer success manager to ensure the best experience for participants 

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