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The future of mobile working - the teamgeist 360° Virtual Office

The world in which we live is in constant change - especially the digitization in our working life should be mentioned. We are used to hold meetings through virtual conference tools. A component that is missing in the digital business environment is the possibility for a spontaneous exchange with our colleagues, for example in the kitchen area. This is exactly why we have successfully implemented our teamgeist 360° virtual office.

How does a virtual office work?

A virtual office, also known as a virtual workspace, corresponds to the classic workplace in an office - just digital. It allows remote workers to be located anywhere while collaborating effectively with their colleagues. This means that every employee can be on the platform during their working hours and colleagues can come to their virtual office (virtualized as an individual virtual room on our platform, e.g. office of Jessica) spontaneously for an exchange.

How did we set up our virtual office?

For the teamgeist 360° virtual office, we made a conscious decision to select three categories for the premises. Therefore we have a tea kitchen, offices and meeting rooms.

Tea kitchen: The tea kitchen (or the classic coffee corner) is used for spontaneous and informal exchanges on all kinds of topics. We used the interface for this, as the employees can choose their conversation partner here themselves. Theoretically, up to 15 people could take part in this conversation.

Offices: We have the option for each employee to create their own office (even with an individual background motif). So it's very easy to say "let's meet in my office in 5 minutes" instead of sending various Zoom invitations for a short video conference to the participants.

Meeting Rooms: It is common to have a brief update during the day for each individual department to discuss current and upcoming topics. So it would be possible to name the meeting rooms after the departments, e.g. B. Marketing or Sales. However, we have named the meeting rooms after cities and meet our customers or other groups of people there. Most external people who come to our platform are happy about using an alternative platform.

What are the advantages of the Virtual Office?

- The personal contact and team spirit is maintained

- Common rituals can continue to be practiced - e.g. coffee meeting at 2 p.m

- The adaptability of the platform to the corporate identity increases employer branding and therefore ensures an attractive working environment

- Lively team culture through the integration of games and other team spirit activities

- Increase in productivity and employee motivation through a personalized platform

- Simple organization: documents can be easily uploaded online and important messages can be sent to employees in a targeted manner

Convince yourself by meeting us directly on the platform for our individual consultation.

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